Further reading and links


My bookshelves are groaning with Yijing books, and I’m always absorbing ideas from all directions. Here are a few that have had a big influence on me:

SJ Marshall, The Mandate of Heaven
Stephen Karcher, Total I Ching
Ritema & Sabbadini, The Original I Ching Oracle
Arthur Waley, The Book of Songs
RJ Lynn, I Ching: The Classic of Changes
Richard Rutt, Zhouyi, the book of changes
Richard Wilhelm/ Cary Baynes, I Ching, or book of changes
Bradford Hatcher, The Book of Changes: Yijing, word by word


– because there are many good Yijing things not yet, or not only, in print

LiSe Heyboer, Yijing Book of Sun and Moon: http://yijing.nl
Bradford Hatcher, Hermetica: http://www.hermetica.info (you can download his I Ching book here)
Steve Marshall, Yijing Dao, calling crane in the shade: http://www.biroco.com/yijing/
Best place currently for articles by Stephen Karcher: https://ichinglivingchange.org/
My own main site, I Ching with Clarity – sign up for the best free stuff: http://www.onlineClarity.co.uk/join
Another one of mine, a collection of I Ching reading experiences by hexagram (please do contribute): http://www.ichingresources.co.uk