Excerpt from page 10 of the book:

Talking with Change

A Yijing reading moves through three interlocking phases:

  • Opening the channel
  • Connecting to the response
  • Integrating the answer

Everything you do to invite and receive a response from the oracle is part of opening the channel. Choosing and asking your question, casting your hexagram and tracing its changes – these are all part of creating a clear flow of communication. Then you connect to Yi’s response: you relate to it personally, and find yourself in the reading’s landscape. Finally, you integrate the reading into your life, translating it into practice and giving it an enduring place as part of your way of thinking and being.

The Question
Your chosen question starts your conversation with the oracle, and it defines what you will hear in the response. Not that it limits what Yi can say – far from it – but it affects what you are listening for.

The help you can receive from a reading depends strongly on your question. The clearer you are about what you’re asking, the easier you’ll find it to understand and connect with the response. And the more conscious and intentional your question – the more clearly you know why you’re asking – the easier it is to integrate and use the answer.

Before you phrase the question, immerse yourself in it: allow yourself time to recognise all the issues, hopes and fears involved. Form an intention for the reading: what would you like to change? (For instance, a decision made, movement closer to a goal, being more at peace with a situation.) Then ask as directly as possible for the help you need.

There will be more ‘opening’ resources coming soon.