From page 15 of the Introduction:

This is the most important part of divination, when you establish the reading as an enduring part of your life: it’s what makes the Yijing a ‘Book of Change’ and not just a ‘Book of Nice Ideas’.

Integrating a reading means asking yourself specific, practical questions about how different parts of a reading apply and what you’ll be doing about them. It also means absorbing it deeply, letting its images and advice shift your awareness. Integrating readings into ordinary life means enriching the ordinary with the extraordinary – not removing the extraordinary from the reading.

Record your reading

For your readings to make the greatest difference in your life – individually and together – it’s good to keep them in a journal. This is a way to give your readings more time and thought, and to watch how readings unfold as a conversation; it also becomes a priceless record of personal divination experience. Whether you use a computer or pen and paper, I’d suggest you create a journal format in which you can look up readings by topic, date and hexagram.

Ways to take it with you

You may act on a reading at once – or you may need to keep it in mind for a while. Here are a few suggested ways you could take a reading with you:

  • Summarise the message you’re taking from your reading in a phrase or two
  • Memorise this, and use it to challenge and re-route your inner conversations
  • Draw, collage or mind-map the reading’s images and themes
  • Ensure you’ll be reminded of your reading: draw the hexagram on a business card to take with you, set it as your computer’s screensaver, or pin it to the fridge…

Above all…

Enjoy the oracle! May it give you all the illumination, challenge and sheer wonder it has given me and millions of others. I wish you all the joy of discovery and realisation in every part of your life.

More integrating suggestions, tips and resources to come.