Example reading – connecting

How to lose weight?

Yi answered with Hexagram 55, Abundance, changing at the first line to Hexagram 62, Small Exceeding.

Putting the two hexagrams together… doesn’t tell me much at first. How to lose weight? Abundance’s Small Excess, its small stepping-over-the-line. What abundance, what line?

Hopefully I’ll find answers to these as I go through the reading…

55’s ‘Key Questions’ to answer:

“What are you called on to do?”
Lose weight. Get healthy. Next question.

“What decisions must you take now?”
I suppose the key decision is not how to lose but just that I will do it. To stop wondering gloomily whether it’s even possible.

“The crucial moment, where it all comes together” – yes, that’s exactly what I feel this is: the point where I have to do something about this. I need to step into responsibility, and out of mourning. So yes, somehow this does have something to do with Mum. The mourning hut – hiding myself away (inside the fat?), not taking on what I need to do. (Why have I let it get this far? But that’s really not the important thing now.)

Feng the garrison outpost, for gathering allies and resources – like information on diets and weight loss, for instance. It’s not as if there were a shortage of those… more of an overwhelming superabundance.

So the abundance is of information and resources, and here I am at Feng, it’s eclipse time, crunch time… and specifically 55’s 62, a time for paying attention to detail, focussing on the small.
image of hexagram 55

Accepting the consequences… heh… I do not want to be hungry.
sequence into hexagram 55

This is reminding me of Mum’s death, too, and how it leaves me as ‘the responsible adult’ of the family which I would much, much rather not be. Only… if I’m responsible, that would extend to my own health, wouldn’t it?

Pair of hexagrams 55 - 56

Feeling the weight, eh? Oh, very funny.

(And apart from that – yes, that’s exactly where I am. Those ‘many causes’ could include anything from some deep psychological something-or-other about protecting myself with fat to the simple effects of getting older while sitting at a desk all day.)

hexagram 55 line 1

What partner and lord?
Who can help?

This actually sounds like going on a diet. (Well, lucky there aren’t too many of those to choose from!)
Can I find a diet partner?

The idea may well be a diet – not something that’s meant to last, but a message, a starting place. I’ve assumed I need just to change habits, and rejected the idea of ‘going on a diet’. Come to that, I still reject the idea of religiously following someone’s recipes for day 1, day 2, day 3 – indescribably pointless effort. But… I will go look at diets and see what I can learn.

Relating hexagram: 62, Small Exceeding

“Key Questions
Do you need to cross a line?”

Well yes, come to think of it, of course I do. What got me started on this in the first place was realising I was officially ‘over the line’ between ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ on the Body Mass Index chart. I need to cross back.

“What small things can you do to meet the needs of the situation?
How can you take even more care?”

I get the idea: the small things count. It’s easy to eat one biscuit or whatever because it doesn’t really make a difference… except that it does, of course.

Hexagram 62

This makes me think that the line to step over is one in behaviour, changing the way I eat – but not in a hidebound way, looking at results and adjusting.

This is all eloquent, it all fits. A journey of three stone begins with a single ounce, as Confucius might have said. I can’t lose 3 stone all at once, but I can lose a pound, and then another one… and I like the contrast between doing only small things and still achieving great good fortune. Very encouraging!

Hexagram 62, image, part 1
Hexagram 62, image, part 2

Honouring the transition… What does the noble one exeed in when dieting? Attention to detail?

62, Sequence

And since this is an even-numbered hexagram, I need to look back to the one before to read about its Pair:
Pair of hexagrams 61 and 62

Oh… yes, this comes from a clear unmistakeable conviction that I need to lose weight, now. I’m absolutely confident about that – definitely got the message. It’s how to do it, in practice, day by day – how to cross the mountain pass one step at a time – that’s difficult. Eating and all the routine surrounding it won’t be automatic any more: I need to reinvent it.