About the book

I Ching: walking your path, creating your future

This is a simple, practical I Ching for divination. It contains a translation of the older layers of the text, along with excerpts from the Wings (later commentaries) that I’ve found particularly helpful in interpreting readings. This is not an original, scholarly translation; I’m in no way qualified to write such a thing. Any value it has lies in its practical roots, in a decade or so of working as a diviner and mentor/teacher.

To get into the book, every interpretation and suggestion had to pass a basic ‘usefulness test’: in all the situations I know of where someone’s received this particular hexagram and line, would this interpretation have been accurate and helpful? If not, re-evaluate its theoretical basis, rethink, go deeper, find the essence, and rewrite. (And then shorten dramatically to fit inside the page limit!) And so it grew, and here it is:

Or you can ask for it at your local bookshop: the ISBN is 1848374534. Do get the first edition (from 2010) if you can…

A note about editions

The book was originally published in 2010, and the publisher brought out a second edition in 2016. On the one hand, of course I’m happy about this… on the other hand, I wish they had asked me to proof-read it. The 2016 edition has a few misplaced hexagram figures in the top right-hand corner of pages, and is also completely missing the text for Hexagram 3, line 6. Here it is, so you can add it to your copy.

Would you like to read an excerpt?

Here is the text for hexagram 30, Clarity, just as it looked when I first sent it to the publisher (in other words, without the neat formatting and illustration they contributed!). Right click this link and choose ‘save target as’ or the equivalent to save the file to your computer.

“Dear Hilary,

A couple of weeks ago I found your book I Ching: Walking your Path, Creating your Future in Libreria Gandhi in Guadalajara, Mexico. Bought it and started immediately to consult it.

I want to tell you it has worked marvelously well. So far I’ve asked four questions and received great, profound answers that have been really helpful. I’ll continue asking questions for sure!

So, thank you very much for studying the I Ching and thanks for the book!

Salvador A. Romero”