Welcome to I Ching Readings, the home for I Ching: walking your path, creating your future.

If you’re drawn to the I Ching for the help it offers in connecting to the flow of change, in navigating life with greater ease and deeper understanding, then you’re in the right place. This is for people who want to get to know the I Ching as an oracle, by talking with it.

This I Ching book has its roots in my own experience as a diviner, and its aim is to give you access to that stunning, mind-expanding experience of finding yourself in conversation with an oracle, asking questions and being spoken to.

If you already have the book, the free resources it mentions are here. I’ll be adding more over the coming months, so please sign up here to be kept up to date:

If you don’t, you can get your copy online from Amazon (try to get the first edition, published 2010, if you can), or ask at your local bookstore – and you can also read excerpts on this site.

Thank you!

If you have the second edition…

…published in 2016, then I’m sorry to say you’ll find it is missing Hexagram 3, line 6, and a few of the hexagram figures in the top right-hand corner of pages are wrong. Click here for the missing text.